Made with Xara Web Designer A LIGHT TO THE COMMUNITY AND NATIONS Grace for life One of the most glorious and famous hymns of all times is the hymn Amazing Grace  and in the the hymn itself there is quite an impressive piece of theology that many Christians have overlooked. The third verse of the hymn says: Thru many dangers, toils and snares I have already come Tis grace that’s brought me safe thus far And will grace will lead me home At our CLT meeting we spent some time considering what we value as a church - knowing your values is a key thing for any organisation, especially a church and it’s something I intend to focus on in the future!! In the midst of thinking about things like cultural diversity, generosity, mission, worship and informality someone said, “What about grace?” That prompted much discussion and the next day I was reflecting upon what was said and the centrality of God’s grace. While we value grace greatly at RPCC, there is a sense in which all the other values of our church stem from this one thing - the grace of God. I try to preach from a grace perspective but grace is easy to lose and we’re going to look at why that is. The truth of that third verse of that beautiful old hymn is that we need grace for life. Grace is not just something we receive once and then we’re on our own. Oh no!! Grace is the liberal, lavish and on-going giving of God in the person of the Holy Spirit, and that liberal, lavish and on-going giving of God, is available for each and every one of us today. The question is, will you receive him?